Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Desert Hot Springs

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, California – A 46-year-old motorcyclist was killed late Sunday afternoon when his Harley Davidson swerved off the road and he was thrown off, California Highway Patrol officials reported.

James Scott Rogers was riding his motorcycle on Thousand Palms Canyon Road at the time of the accident. Rogers was wearing a helmet at the time of the motorcycle accident, but he died of massive head injuries, said police. The helmet worn by Rogers was described as a novelty helmet that did not meet federal Department of Transportation standards.

“Many motorcyclists put looks before safety on the road by wearing novelty head gear known as “brain buckets” or ‘beanies,’ instead of federally approved safety crash helmets,” said Attorney West Seegmiller, founder of the West Seegmiller Law Firm. “These bucket-style helmets offer absolutely no protection for the skull. If the rider is in a crash there is no energy-absorbing foam to protect the skull as required in normal helmets.”

According to California Department of Motor Vehicle statistics, sadly most fatal collisions involving motorcycles are the fault of the driver. In fact, in California, roughly 67% of the 406 motorcyclists who died in 2010 were deemed to be at fault in the fatal collision. Additionally, roughly a third of all those fatal motorcycle crashes were single vehicle crashes such as this one.

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