Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 10:39 am    

LAS VEGAS- The club drug “Vegas Mixx” was being promoted in Las Vegas recently. This compounded drug consisted of Valium (to relax the mind) and Viagra. The drug was discontinued because it just wasn’t selling, but even if the drug was still on the market today, it would probably be quickly pulled from distribution, and for good reason. Drugs like Vegas Mixx are typically made in compounding pharmacies (These are labs where drugs are compounded together because some patients need special combinations of drugs for various reasons.

These compounded drugs are always approved and prescribed by physicians before they are custom made for a specific patient.) The problem with drugs like Vegas Mixx, is that the compounding pharmacies where they are made really operate as drug manufacturing plants because a physician never prescribes the compounded substance before it is made. Drug manufacturing plants have always been subject to approval and review from the Food and Drug Administration. But compounding pharmacies in Nevada fly under the radar of the FDA and are traditionally monitored by The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy.

This is why a drug such as Vegas Mixx was able to escape scrutiny for so long. It is the same reason why the FDA has only recently asserted it’s authority over many drug manufacturing plants that have claimed to be compounding pharmacies. The recent meningitis outbreak resulted from this scenario- where a compounding pharmacy (acting as a drug manufacturer) was not subject to review and approval by the FDA, allowing for contaminated vials of steroids to reach the markets.

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